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Lone Star Stables: Riding & Horse Handling Release

Under Texas law (Chapter 87, Civil Practice and Remedies Code), a farm animal professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in farm animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of farm animal activities.  

                  I, acting on my behalf or that of my minor child, agree to assume all risks for myself or minor child and release Lone Star Equestrian Center, L.L.C. from any responsibility or liability from this day forth I acknowledge that the use, handling, and riding of a horse and the use of farm equipment and the presence in or around a stabling facility where horses are present, involves inherent risks of personal injury or death to any individual involved in such activities and of damage to or loss of personal property, including damage to the tack and horses involved.  I acknowledge that a horse, regardless of past behavior or training, can act unpredictably at any time.  I acknowledge that horses, riders, and observers can be injured in the normal course of events while tacking up, hacking, schooling, competing, or just observing in close proximity to horses.  With full awareness of the foregoing, I am knowingly participating in equine activities at facilities owned and operated by Lone Star Equestrian Center, LLC d/b/a Lone Star Stables (referred to herein as “Lone Star Stables”), or at an event held at another location sponsored by Lone Star Stables, and I willingly engage in such activities.  I accept the possibility of injury or death to myself and/or my horse and/or to others and their horses as inherent risks of equine activities.  I acknowledge that horseback riding is a rigorous activity, requiring both physical fitness and mental alertness at all times.  I certify that I am in good health, free from injury, illness, or other defect that might impair my ability to engage in this activity. 

                   In consideration of the agreement of Lone Star Stables to allow my participation in equine activities, I expressly and voluntarily assume all risks attendant to such activities, and I do hereby fully forever release, discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Lone Star Equestrian Center, LLC, its members,  and their respective representatives, employees, and agents, and all persons in privity with them, from any and all claims, causes of action, or damages of any kind whatsoever, known or unknown, which I, or those who may claim on my behalf, may assert as a result of injury or death to any horse or rider, or loss or damage to property, incurred while I am participating in any equine activities at Lone Star Stables or sponsored by Lone Star Stables at another location, excluding claims that may result from gross negligence.

By signing below, I am waiving valuable legal and equitable rights and assuming important legal obligations.  I have carefully considered the risks involved in signing this release and sign with full knowledge of those risks.  This release is valid until written revocation is received by Christy May, after which point I understand that I will not be able to participate in equine activities at or sponsored by Lone Star Stables.